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Who is this Jean-Michel?
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Jean-Michel GOUX
Les Gorges de Rasteou
F - 83460 Les Arcs sur Argens
Provence - FRANCE

+33 (0)4 94 47 54 40

- English-german-italian speaking french mountain guide
- State diploma 013010165, issued by the french Ministry of Youth and Sports
- DDJS professionnal Card 00601ED0079

- Professional Insurance RC MMA 105630300
- French Tourism Tour Operator License
Atout France IM006130008
- Tour Operator insurance RCP MMA 107482250

- Partner of the Mercantour National Park
- Calanques National Park
- Specially allowed for leading in
"Vallée des Merveilles"

 The mountain'

and the city' Jean-Michel.
isn't it?

Please note this Jean-Michel Goux doesn't appear on Facebook
While you are walking, Jean-Michel is available to provide you  - in english - some fascinating information about the mountains, their natural, cultural, human heritage.

Therefore he will make your hiking more interesting, unless you prefer opting for some quiet and peaceful moments!
the National Mercantour Park
The Mercantour national Park
Circuits Retrouvance de Jean-Michel
Jean-Michel also leads english, german, italian spoken walking tours, as a partner of the french National Forest Department
Accès au site des Accompagnateurs en Région PACA
Certificated licensed guide for Provence and French Riviera
He is a member of the national professional association of the french mountain guides
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