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GUIDED HIKING TOURS in France and Italy

Mercantour national Park, Vallιe des Merveilles, Mediterranean Calanques, Italian Dolomites, Cinque Terre, Provence, Argentera, Alps mountains:
all-included hikes and treks in the french and italian Alps, with a french english-german-italian-speaking mountain guide (yes, he can)

Vallee des MERVEILLES and MERCANTOUR (2 to 7 days)
The best of DOLOMITES in Italy (4 to 9 days)
The CINQUE TERRE in Liguria, Italy (3 to 6 days)
Treks between France and Italy : Mercantour vs ARGENTERA (6 or 7 days)
The CALANQUES de Cassis and Marseille, in France (3 to 8 days) (webpage soon in english)
Haut Verdon and HAUTE PROVENCE: forest trails with Retrouvance (6 days)
LUBERON and ALPILLES in Provence (3 to 7 days)
The itinerant PAINTERS in the French Azure Alps (2 to 5 days)
Wintertime only: Snowshoeing in the heart of the Mercantour
Schedule of our hikes

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  Merveilles-gene3.jpg (168800 octets)

Is that the "wonderland valley"? Take 1 or 2 days or more to travel far back in the past times, to fdiscover the fantastic scenery of a very ancient and still mysterious art in the wild nature, on thousands of open-air engraved rocks (your guide is specially authorized by the Mercantour National Park to lead you on these strictly protected areas).

Different  tours:
2 days / 1 night,  
3 days / 2 nights,

7 days / 6 nights

click (1)
from easy to medium  
- from mid-June, as soon as the snow has enough melted...
- in July and August: now upon request, check soon our planning

- and until mid-October, up to the first snows...

---> please ask us!

- in mountain huts (guarded hiking-shelters) or inn, or in comfortable hotels

- on half board

- a charming just renewed hotel is available before and/or after the hike
Duration: Cost from:
click note (2)
2 days / 1 night  125 €
3 days / 2 nights 235 €
4 days / 3 nights 355 €
6 days / 5 nights
545 €
7 days / 6 nights 595 €
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Rando par le village de Riomaggiore


Five italian timeless villages and trails,
overlooking the sea

Rando sur les sentiers de la côte aux Cinque terre

As pearls on the cliff above the sea, these 5 medieval villages had chosen the isolation for their safety. Thus, for centuries beyond the attention of the outside world, they lived in near self-sufficiency, with seafood and cultivation of wineyards, olives, citrus.
By their authenticity, but also the magnificent beauty of their sites, they were classified in 1997 as a
World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
The circuit we offer is steep but easy, often as a balcony overlooking the deep blue sea. You will go from a village to another by old footpaths, sometimes slipping between the cultivated plates, sometimes alternating freshness of high pines and fantastic light of a rocky outcrop.

Please note: we are happy to be able to offer you a cheaper lodging in a cute youth hostel, please ask us.
Here enjoy some Cinqueterre pictures...

- 4 or 5 or 6 days /
4 or 5 nights

for everybody in a normal shape

Dates :

- in May and June
- in summer on request
- in September & October
--> ask us


- lodging in italian local comfortable hotels,
or in a cute youth hostel,
- on halfboard, (picnics available),
no bag to carry while walking,
- departure point: Levanto (Italy)

To arrive and lodge here for 1 night before or after the hiking, please ask us

More or less nights? please ask us
Duration Cost
click note (2)
4 days /
3 nights
350 € / 475 €
5 days /
4 nights
430 € / 580 €
6 days /
5 nights 
505 € / 695 €
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  Schedule of our hikes

Hiking in Mercantour...
Let's hike straddling the border!
Hiking in Argentera Italy
Either in France or in Italy, surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, here is a trek, crossing the french-italian border some times from Mercantour to Argentera through high paths, between lakes and nearly 3000 meters high summits. Believe it or not, you will be observed by many wild chamois and marmots.

We offer 2 different treks, a "normal" one and an easier one.
6 or 7 walking full days
/ 6 nights

Level :
click note  (1)
medium to high,
2 itineraries


in July and August


- in italian and french shelters
- on Half Board
+ picnics are available

Before and/or after hiking, lodging is available -> please ask us.

Duration 6 days / 5nights 7 days / 6 nights
click note (2)
from 575 € from 619 €

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Hiking and trekking, Mercantour south France, Italy

  Schedule of our hikes

 hiking in Dolomites

2 different hikes

The italian Dolomites leads ou between very typical peaks and rocky summits, overviewing ice-mountains, crossing wild forests near large alpine lakes. Our trek does not request technical experience; some light cabled parts of the path are usable by anybody,
and your guide will help you if needed.
Don't forget: the italian shelters are well-known for their fair welcoming, and cooking...

- Duration: 8 days / 7 nights, or 7 d / 6 n, or 4 d / 3 n
including the walking days leading, the whole organization from and back to Dobbiaco or Molveno, the nights on half board in mountain shelters or in comfortable hotels, the bus transfer at the end of the trek, if appropriate.

Optional services:
lunch-boxes, 1 or 2 extra nights before/after the trek (hotels and camping are available), spa center

- Dates:
--- coming soon...

- Level cf note (1): easy to high, depending on the tour

- Cost cf note (2):
--- 7 days, Tre Cime and Sesto, Val di Fassa Dolomites: from 795 €
--- 4 days, Brenta or Tre Cime area: from 535 € 

What we offer better:

--- a great classical tour, 7 days in the eastern part of Dolomites, based on an optimized calculation of costs, with lodging half in mountain huts and half in a comfortable hotel, alternately;
--- a new tour, 7 days in Val di Fassa valley, lodging in hotel and shelters;

--- a shorter one, 4 days, in the Dolomites of Brenta, easier, a great way to approach these so impressive peaks;
--- and our special "full discovery": 2 parts in 2 famous areas for a 8-days trek.

besides english, your guide speaks fluent italian, and german too, that is much spoken in that area.

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  Schedule of our hikes


Cabane-de-Bressange.jpg (119057 octets)
Here are some pictures... Organized by the french National Forest Office and Retrouvance --> Registration: click here
Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Starting and arriving place: Thorame-Haute, Alpes de Haute-Provence (dept 04),
you easily reach it from Nice (06) or Digne (04), by road or by train (the so famous so cute "Train des Pignes" in Provence)

DATES: 16 départures in Summer 2017:
--- all the dates are here

ACCOMODATION: you'll spend comfortable and unusual nights in some typical forest huts, previously used by the forest guards

medium to easy. No backpack to carry.

PRICE: 580 €, all included as following:
--- all conveniences, including bedding and showers,
--- a specially high quality full board,
--- the daily separate transportation of your bags,
--- a french english-speaking guide on some special dates (just ask).

---> Registration: click here

  Schedule of these hikes

Hiking and trekking, Mercantour south France, Italy

the Alpilles mountain


Summer camping and hiking

Starting from the famous village Les Baux de Provence, under the provençal almost never-changing blue sky, through the Alpilles hills (so-called "La Montagnette"), then through the famous Luberon cliffs... between lavenders and olive-trees, you will never forget it !

Our tours:
- 3 days/2 nights
- 7 days/6 nights

click note (1)
rather easy

- 3-days tour in Alpilles,
- then 3-days tour in Luberon,
+ 1 day between for bus transferring,
- OR together the 7-days tour:
-> dates: upon request

- Also in September or October
on request

Accommodation and facilities: 
- in camping sites,
- half board lodging
+ Available transportation from the Avignon TGV train station

+ Available hôtel in Les Baux de Provence, or in Luberon, before or after the tour
Duration: Cost:
click note (2)
3 days /
2 nights
from 235 €
7 days /
6 nights
from 505 €

Hiking and trekking, Mercantour south France, Italy



While walking on the old paths that were used by pilgrims, artists and tradesmen, you will discover some evocative painted chapels and altar-screens, and will understand this religious art in which the fears, the hopes and the believes are legible: you learn and feel the spirit and the life of the medieval mountain people.

Different tours: 
1 day,
2 days / 1 night...
5 days / 4 nights

- very easy, for everybody
- may be higher

all around the year,
on request

--> please ask us


- either in a comfortable mountain inn,
or in a hiking shelter,
- on half board

- lunchboxes are available.
Duration: Cost:
click note (2) 
1 day 35 € 
2 days /
1 night 
from 135 €
5 days /
4 nights 
from 455 €
Hiking and trekking, Mercantour south France, Italy


Winter mountains: these are silent forests, animals footsteps, shining areas...
You must discover it on snowshoes, so you don't disturb this nature, its quietness and its fragility. If beginners, you will have short and efficient explanations about this easy art. So you feel the essential part of this activity: a magic world.

Tours :
1 day, 1 week-end,
mid-week, 1 week...


click  note
from very easy to medium,
according to the tour

Dates :
- 1 day: 1 Sunday of 2, from January to April (or more, according to the snow)
- 1week-end per month

- other ideas for groups:
please ask us

Lodging : 
- in a nice mountain hotel,
- in a mountain hiking guesthouse
- on half board (lunchboxes available)

Snowboots renting
is possible on the spot (please ask us in advance)
Cost :
click note (2) 
1 full day  24 €
2 days / 1 night  from 99 €
3 days / 2 nights  from 159 €

Hiking and trekking, Mercantour south France, Italy

Need more information?
Please visit our Who's who page, or call us at +33 (0)4 94 47 54 40, or send us an e-mail by clicking here:

Download our sales terms
 Note (1): Difficulty levels:
easy: no specific experience of the mountain hiking, 2 to 4 walking hours a day
medium: rather good physical state, 3 to 6 walking hours a day
high: partly requiring an experience of the mountain, 6 to 9 walking hours a day.

Note (2): The price of each tour is calculated for 6 or 8 hikers in the group; it also depends on the level of comfort you choose. 
Hiking in Haut Verdon, France     SEE YOU SOON...      Hiking in Provence, France
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